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The images presented in the gallery were taken in September, 2011, and are selected samples from the thousands of the born digital photographs of various sites in Budapest including the Palace district, the neo-Baroque Basilica of St. Stephen, views over the city and along the river, as well as many views of individual buildings illustrating the development of the Imperial city from the mid 19th century through World War I. Special attention was taken to document outstanding examples of fin de siecle art and architecture in various neighborhoods. A walk through the Jewish Quarter provides views of the Orthodox Synagogue and a comprehensive study of the Great Synagogue and its memorial garden. In the City Park there are a number of interesting buildings including the Secession style Zoo, the Art Museum, and a Transportation Museum. A visit to the fascinating Museum of Roman Antiquities at Aquincum provides an insight into the ancient history of the ancient city on the edge of the Empire. Nearby the National Railway Museum displays a marvelous collection of steam, electric and diesel locomotives as well as a number of beautiful old passenger cars, some from the Orient Express.