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Great Britain

Great Britain 2014

The purpose of the field work in Great Britain was to create a set of images illustrating the great Gothic cathedrals of England, and to visit the university cities of Cambridge and Oxford with their many chapels and museums. Along the way I encountered displays of Roman antiquities in museum collections and archaeological parks. In London I was fortunate to have time to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum where I focused on the stained glass and medieval sculpture. On a walking tour of the city I was able to photograph the modern skyline and visited some of the most outstanding examples of modern contemporary architecture, including the Shard. My modest lodgings in Argyle Street permitted me to visit and photograph extensively Sir Gilbert Scott’s fabulous St. Pancras Hotel and railway station, believed by many, including Prince Charles, to be the finest example of Gothic Revival architecture in Britain.

Here are a few samples from the more than 9,000 copyright protected images now available in the Great Britain collection: